Terms and conditions of use

Software rules

Ultracopier in all version is shipped without warranty (0% of warranty). Only the stable version have warranty of be tested in lot of case. But in any case have warranty about data security, or other way of warranty.

We sell only the file to download (virtual store only), no version box sold (in real life).

All the softwares, plugins are without DRM or any kind of protection/key. The most is under GPL3 and is sell to support Ultracopier and the open source.

You need test the free version before buy. The charge back is only allowed if the free version have different behaviour.

No money back. Due to DRM free, the user can ask the money back but keep the software on their computer.


All the minor update is offered, and will directly be updated into your buy list.

The major update need be re-buy to fund the new major version.

Bitcoin on prestashop

This prestashop accept the bitcoin to pay the software